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Laugh for Me

…And she laughed, a kind of laughter he had never heard from her before Free of any restriction or control. The most natural laughter. In that moment she seemed closer to him then ever before and he reveled in it.   

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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always wondered y I didn’t get mine alyepo

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"I could write a fucking novel about the ache of missing you."

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"Every nerve in my body could be damaged or numb, and I’d still be able to feel you."

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Quidditch Global Games: Team Australia
This photo set honestly makes me want to cry.
From what I’ve gathered they are waiting to hear if the snitch catch was good.

Winning against Canada guaranteed an Australian silver.
I’m so damn happy and so freaking proud of what our team achieved, two years guys and you’ll have a go at gold again!

Photos by: Kaleah Balcomb (I don’t know where I should link back too!)

Very much worth the reblog. Go the dropbears. Australian quidditch team making us all proud.


Love is a fickle thing, i find it strange and difficult and frustrating. I think everyone has people they fancy, or like and would date but you just know in your heart it is not a long term thing and i feel these are common place, and then there are the more rare occasions where you meet a person that you genuinely connect with, A person you could see a long future with. My timing with these longer term prospects seems to be impeccable, and i say this with a high level of sarcasm because it always seems like i meet these people at the most in-opportune times. They have always just met someone else, are leaving or moving, are far away, so on and so forth…. is it to much to ask that one of these days, one of these things works out for me.*sighs exasperatingly* 

I don’t often write about my relationships or my loves, its always something i found highly personal and probably due to the bullying i received when i was younger something i am a little protective over. these things where perfect ammunition for the school yard bullies. However now i am an adult (it is a scary thought because i do not to this day really see myself as an adult) and as such i feel i should finally be able to write a little about these things, or discuss them even. 

So maybe just maybe, i might start to write in this blog again, randomly when i feel like it, and maybe just maybe, you will learn more about me. 

A Short Moment in time - fictional moments from my head

They sat silently with nothing but the center column of the car separating them and the sound of the rain lightly pattering down on the roof of the vehicle. They had been sitting there long enough for a slight fog to accumulate on the windows from the gentle exhaling of their breath. Neither dared to break the silence, they just sat and watched each other wondering who would be the first to break. Neither new how much time had passed, it felt Like both an eternity and just a fraction of a second all at once, and he relished it. The pounding of his heart against his chest, the sheer exhilaration mingled with fear that held him mesmerized to this girl unable to speak, unable to move. She noted the color of his eyes as she found it near impossible to draw her gaze away from them in any instance, earlier she had thought they were blue however now it became apparent that they had taken on a more grey tone which only exemplified there power over her. The words finally broke free and awkwardly slipped from his lips “im no good at this”, The spell was broken and she leaned forward. He Stared into her emerald green eyes as there lips touched for the first time. The kiss was short and strong but it lit a fire neither could control.